Use one or two hands and play a classic game of breakout. Minimal movement required but a fun and simple game for all visitors.

Engage your Patients
We understand that coming to a hospital can be a little scary, which is why we developed the Argonaut platform to make the gait analysis as fun and engaging as possible. Our Argonaut Software is an innovative solution that will create an exceptional experience for the patients in the Gait labs. The Argonaut software opens the door to a unique and exciting application for the patients giving them an opportunity to see themselves in real time in an animated world utilizing a technology that is currently only available to the large entertainment studios. Opening a fun, unique world to move and play offers a tremendous incentive for any patient.
Seamless Integration With Existing Motion Capture Systems
Argonaut was designed to operate with very little input required from the operator once it has been installed. Working directly with the existing motion capture data and operating on a separate hardware platform in the background Argonaut only requires attention when it is ready to be shown to the patients. Designed to not interfere with existing workflows and require as little attention as possible it can give a truly unique experience the patients can take home with little input so labs can focus on the work that needs to be done.
Simple Interface with Only 3 Buttons!
A seamless interface with your existing motion capture data and a real time animation package that allows the user to put the motion capture data into a character, environment, and record with only 3 buttons. Simply select the environment, the character and Argonaut will handle the rest. Then, record the events in real time directly to a wrist band flash drive that the patient can take home to view the movies they just created! Argonaut uses the latest animation technology to give production quality animations without the challenges that come with adding an animation team to your organization.

How does it work?

Select Character
The data stream is running in the background so the first step is to select a character.
Select Environment
Select any environment with any character. Who is to say that astronauts cannot live in castles!
Let the adventure begin!
Record and it out puts immediately to a take-home flash drive for the patient to keep and share of their experience in the lab.