create an exciting and engaging experience for your patients


Choose selectable animated characters and environments for your patients with only 3 buttons.


Keep your patients engaged in the experience to improve satisfaction.


Have your patients get excited about visiting your lab.


Give your patients something only available from your lab to create a memorable experience.

Custom Projects

Open access to special projects and promotions with local teams/industries.

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Why Idoneus Digital

Creating a unique experience for motion labs by maximizing the existing technology
Creating an Exceptional, Unique and Engaging Experience for your Patients

Idoneus Digital’s software packages have been developed to provide industry specific motion capture needs for the Life Science community. Our software is designed to meet the unique demands of the gait community, utilizing motion capture technology without compromising quality to provide patients with the best possible experience. Having the ability to quickly animate your patients as they move around your lab or clinic provides an amazing and unique experience while simultaneously helping them fully engage in their rehabilitation process. The movie they receive after their session is also a wonderful keepsake that your patients can share with friends and family, and which will help them look forward to their next visit.

  • Committed

    We are dedicated to serving the unique needs of the clinical and research community.

  • Unique

    We bring over 30 years of experience in the animation/vfx industry to the clinical and research community.

  • Engaging

    We offer a totally new clinical experience by utilizing a unique motion-capture system to mimic a patient's movements in real-time. The end result is astonishing.

  • Easy to Use

    We designed Argonaut to be simple and easy to use, yet the benefits provided to both clinical and research settings are immeasurable.

The Team

Varied backgrounds with a common goal.
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Shane Davis

Business Development
Shane brings a passion and commitment for the Life Sciences and Engineering communities that was developed while working in the motion capture field.
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Christian Aubert

Product Development
Christian has been involved with visual effects and associated software development for over 20 years. While developing his skills working for industry leading visual effects companies.
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Chris Juen

Chris brings experience in visual effects, motion capture and computer animation. For the last 18 years Chris Juen has been involved in several studio tent pole films for both Visual Effects and Animation.

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